Prima mobilità Erasmus

12 studenti di classe terza e quarta del corso socio economico e classico, dal 12 al 27 marzo, hanno seguito le lezioni in due istituti scolastici a Siviglia (Spagna) e hanno avuto l'occasione di visitare la città e di stringere nuove amicizie, grazie al contributo del Lions Club Cesena.
Gli studenti sono stati accompagnati dalla professoressa Cecilia Panzavolta durante la prima settimana e dalla professoressa Roberta Zoffoli durante la seconda.

Qui di seguito alcune foto e un articolo scritto in inglese dai ragazzi.

From 12 th to 27 th March we spent sixteen days in Seville thanks to the Erasmus project Liceo Monti
started at the beginning of this school-year. Our experience in Spain was extremely educational and
interesting from different points of view, linguistic, social, cultural and economic as we attended
classes, we were hosted by Spanish families and we were also asked to organize some of our free
time. Our group was splitted into two schools, IES Santa Aurelia and IES V Centenario, we were
given a timetable and we attended classes from 8 a.m. to 2 or 3 p.m., depending on the schedule.
We have improved our language skills as we had to communicate with other people in Spanish and
we’d like to highlight that not all of us can speak it. Actually we expected people could speak
English better in that area but they don’t probably study it as we do at school. We also got used to
their customs and habits, which are different from ours, such as food, meal schedules and all the
"unwritten" rules. Furthermore we made friendship with the students from the school we attended.
As a consequence we have not only improved our social skills but also opened our minds. In
addition we had to manage our leisure time, both from an organisational and an economic point of
view and this helped us develop our entrepreneurial skills.
We firmly believe that more and more students should have the opportunity to take advantage of
this project funded by the European Union since it helps develop skills related to European and
active citizenship. We are very grateful for having been chosen to experience such an adventure that
we will remember forever. For sure we have changed, we have matured and we feel that the teens
we were before this sixteen day experience are now different.
By spending time abroad, we have increased our curiosity about other cultures and we are not afraid
of moving from one country to another or having to face new situations. We are now more flexible
and adaptable because of this interest in other cultures. Taking part in an Erasmus project means
that you are offered a real chance for your personal growth. The Erasmus experience is a personal
and inner journey and while you are on your way you can learn more about who you are and what
you desire. Moreover, another positive aspect is that you can learn how to better face changes and
make a change.
In conclusion, it was an amazing experience. Erasmus projects are more than a cultural exchange
The chance to live in different countries and meet people from different backgrounds was the most
attractive part of the program and we are extremely grateful for that.